If you want to be able to shop whenever and from wherever you want Kroger ClickList shopping is a great service for you. It provides a simple and easy way to shop the needed items from home and pick them when it is convenient for you.

Kroger ClickList Shopping

Shopping with Kroger ClickList

This is a great service that has changed the way customers shop from the supermarkets. It has changed the traditional way of shopping. You no more need to visit the store yourself and purchase the products you need. It has made shopping easier and convenient for everyone and is helpful, especially to those who remain busy due to work or job.

Even though it’s online Kroger ClickList shopping is a completely secure service. You don’t have to worry about providing your personal information as the company has a strict information security policy. Your information would never be shared or stolen by anyone.

When you do Kroger ClickList shopping and make your first three orders, they are free. If you wish to save more you can earn fuel point by purchasing through shopper’s card.

To use this service and shop from home, you need to log in to your account first. If you don’t have an account, you need to first create it. When you are logged in, you need to choose ClickList for shopping. Then, you have to select the store from which you want to shop; you can choose the one that’s convenient for you to reach. Then, you can select the time at which you want to pick the items. After that, you can select the items; you can choose from the list or search for items you want. Select the quantity and pay using debit or credit card.

Your items will be packed by the staff and you would be informed if any item is unavailable. You can then reach the store at the selected time and the items will be loaded in to your car by their staff.