Kroger Delivery Service

If you are unable to go to the store and purchase groceries, Kroger delivery service can help you get the needed items delivered to your home. This is a great facility for those people who can’t go to the supermarket due to any reason. It allows them to shop from home using their mobile or laptop and then get their order delivered at their doorstep in a short time.

Kroger Delivery Service

Kroger Delivery Service – It provides different ways for to delivery.

The delivery service works really simple and you just have to follow a simple process that only takes a few minutes. To use Kroger delivery service you can either visit their website or use their mobile app, it’s up to you which medium you use. If you visit their website you will first have to log in to your account where you can order groceries online. After you have signed in the process is very easy.

First, you have to choose delivery as your way of shopping and then you need to provide your address at which you want your order to be delivered. Then, you need to select the time at which you want to receive your order. After that, customers can create the order. There are over 70,000 items at the store from which you can select.

To find the needed items you can use “Start My Cart”. If you don’t find the items using it you can also find them with a simple search. When you find the items, select them and choose what quantity of each item you want. You can also add some special instructions you like. After you have created the order you can checkout using your debit or credit card.

After that, your grocery list would be sent to the store where the staff would prepare your order. If they have any questions or if there is any problem they will notify you about it. For example, if any item is not in the stock you will be informed about it.

After that, you have to do nothing; their third-party partner would deliver the order to your given address at the time that you selected. To use Kroger delivery service you only have to pay $9.95.