Kroger Curbside Pickup

If you don’t want to set foot into the store, you can use Kroger curbside pickup and shop from home. Curbside shopping is a new way of purchasing items from the store without having to visit the store.

If you do a job or you are running a business, it is understandable that you may not find the time to go to the store and do the shopping. Going to a store, finding the items and then loading them and then taking them to the counter is time-consuming. Not only this, taking the items to your vehicle is a difficult task as well. You can avoid this trouble and use Kroger curbside pickup for convenient shopping. It allows you to shop online and then pick your order from the store when you want.

Curbside Shopping

Curbside Shopping

You can use this service very easily. It requires you to have a digital account. You can make it on the official page. You would only need to provide some simple information and after that, you can log in to it to order grocery online.

When you get access to your account, you can use this service and your first three orders are free. You can shop from any store you want and choose to pick your order at any time you want.

To find the items you need you can use “Start My Cart” and if you don’t find the needed items you can search for them as well. You need to select the quantity of each product. You can then pay for your order and your order will be created. Shopping will be done by their staff and when you reach the selected time to pick the order they will get the items to your car. You will not even need to step out of the car.

You should make an account today and make use of the great benefits that Kroger curbside pickup provides. This service not only makes your shopping easy but also allows you to save on your purchases. If you use the shopper’s card to shop, you can earn fuel points as well.