Benefits you get when you shop through ClickList

If you want an easier way of shopping from your home or office then Kroger Pickup is an excellent option for you. Now, you can order anytime you want and pick the order whenever you want. It allows you to place your order and choose from a wide selection of products and receive your order when you want. The store employees will pack the items and load them into your vehicle.

Benefits of ClickList

Benefits of ClickList

Previously, you would have to go to the store yourself, find the products that you need, take them to the counter, and pay for it. This is a little time-consuming, isn’t it? You may have to spend a good amount of time finding and loading the items and you may even forget to take some important items in a rush. So, this is not the best option, especially if you have a busy schedule or you do a job. So, its alternative is what Kroger has provided you, a great online shopping service that not only lets you shop from your home or office or wherever you are but also deliver the items when you want.

This provides great convenience to those customers who only get the time to create the order but can’t pick it up at that moment. So, they can create an order and select the time at which they would pick it up.

They also store perishable items at the right temperature until you arrive. You can reserve a timeslot for up to three days in advance. This means you can make the order and take your items after three days exactly at the time that you selected.

The first three orders of grocery pickup are free for every customer. You can use your shopper’s card to earn fuel points on every purchase as well.

This service is completely secure as well. The company has pledged to protect the privacy and security of the personal information that you provide them. For the payment, they only accept credit and debit card, this is for the security purpose too.